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Kiwi Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Qiaoxia Town of Wenzhou which is well known as “The Capital of Playground Equipments in CHINA”. We are a global commercial playground equipments supplier and manufacturer to produce outdoor playground, indoor playground, indoor trampoline park, outdoor fitness equipment, multi-sport game, rope climbing, swing set, park benches, kindergarten products etc. Our products are widely used in playground, amusement park, community centers, family entertainment centers, residential apartments, schools, kindergarten, preschool, theme parks, malls, restaurants and any other places that are suitable for children to play.


Play is endless wonder and possibilities. From teamwork, social interaction, and leadership to problem solving, error and success, play helps teach kids these important life lessons, and keep them active, healthy and happy.


Children's playgrounds should be a safe place to foster fun, creativity and learning, so the quality of playground equipment is very important. We are proud to offer the highest quality playground equipment from great China. From the materials used to the manufacturing process to the finished product, we use the utmost care and attention to create top quality playground equipment. All our products are made of nonpoisonous and environmental raw materials tested by SGS, have met the safety standards for playgrounds of CE, ISO9001, TUV, ISO14001, CHSAS18001 etc.


From budget constraints to limited space, we can as your unique needs design the playground that's right for you. Please contact us with any questions you may have, our professional sales will help you choose the right products based on your budget, space size or activity.


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